Smart Panipuri vending machine

Golgappa/Panipuri serving 100% unmanned with great hygiene.

Description & Specification

Golgappa serving 100% unmanned without compramising in taste and eating methods.

India's first innovation in catagory.

most unhygeinic serving practices now resolved with unmanned panipuri vending machine.

Output : 15 seconds

6 stuffed Panipuri in disposable paper plate and freedom to have choice of flavoured water

smooth and Hassle free serving , easy clenaing,

Hassle free operations compare to traditional methods.

Component Rating        Remark    
size 3.5x2x6 ft  LxWxH
capacity  150 servings  
power  0.5 kw  
supply  230 V AC  
Touch UI  Android OS 10"  on machine
Payment acceptance  UPI