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Combining the product characteristics of VendiBite intelligent service Vending machines and your after-sales needs, we provide you with diversified service contents to maximize the efficiency of machine services with the most suitable service plan and the highest quality services.

    7x24 hours service

Our professional customer service staff provide you with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support, quickly respond to your service requests, and work with operation and maintenance, technical support, research and development departments. We record and track your service requests through a systematic service platform to ensure that the needs are handled in a timely and effective manner.

    Free equipment operation training

We set up a wealth of training courses to pass the knowledge and skills of the corresponding products and services to you or our potential service partners. The project's on-site training allows your on-site operation and maintenance personnel to quickly master the use of machines and have basic problem handling capabilities.

    On-site maintenance

When your machine and accessories need on-site repair, our senior technical engineers can respond quickly. They will arrive at the site timely and carry out maintenance work in strict compliance with local regulations and safety requirements.

    Remote technical support

Whenever and wherever your system encounters a sudden or emergency situation, our technical support engineers will use reliable network connection to quickly identify the fault remotely and provide solutions to minimize system interruption.

    Continuous improvement of customer experience

We always carry out our work with customers as the center, and spare no effort to improve our service operation level. Driven by customer experience, we have established a complete closed-loop process of service planning, delivery, measurement, analysis and improvement, listen carefully to your voice and take effective measures.